XLPE Insulation Aluminum Core Steel Reinforced Overhead Cabl

XLPE insulation aluminum core steel reinforced overhead cable
Use requirements:
Aerial fixed laying, service drop line and other flexible copper wires are used as transformer downlead overhead cables, should maintain a certain distance between the cable and trees. When the cable is in operation, allowing the cable and trees in frequent contact.
Use of property:
(1) rated voltage 1KV, 10KV, 35KV.
(2) cable laying temperature should not lower than -20℃.
(3) the maximum allowable working temperature of the cable conductor:
PVC insulation 70℃;
High density polyethylene insulation 75℃;
Cross linked polyethylene insulation 90℃
(4) the maximum temperature of the cable (the longest duration is not more than 5S):
PVC insulation 160℃
High density polyethylene insulation 150℃
XLPE insulated 250℃
(5) allowable bending radius of the cable:
1KV cable (D): cable diameter less than 25MM, shall not be less than 4D;
The diameter (D) greater than or equal to 25MM, should not be less than 6D;
10KV, 35KV cable should not be less than 25D.
Overhead cable type and specification:
JKV Copper core PVC insulated overhead cables
JKLV Aluminum conductor PVC insulated aerial cable
JKLHV Aluminum alloy conductor, PVC insulated, aerial cable
JKY Copper core PE insulation aerial cable
JKLY Aluminum core PE insulation aerial cable
JKLHY Aluminum alloy conductor, PE insulated, aerial cable
JKYJ Copper core XLPE insulation overhead cables
JKLHYJN Aluminum alloy conductor XLPE insulated aerial cable
JKTRYJ Soft copper core XLPE insulation overhead cables
JKLYJ/B Aluminum core ecru XLPE insulation aerial cable
JKLHYJ/B Aluminum alloy core ecru XLPE insulation aerial cable
JKLYJ/Q Aluminum core light crosslinking polyethylene thin insulation aerial cable

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